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The Bali Starling
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Bali Starling Recovery Plan
The largest and most ambitious project to date has been the Bali Mynah Species Survival Plan, created under the auspices of the American Zoo Association, and coordinated by Bob Seibels of the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. Since the Bali bombing however even this seems to have fallen into disrepute through anti-American feelings.

A new initiative is now underway to get conservationists from the rest of the world together to join in a restart of the Species Survival Plan. Working closely with government ministries and agencies, a new Recovery Plan Steering Committee is proposed.

The news is good in the breeding and release areas of Bali Barat National Park with new birds being introduced to the captive breeding programme from Japanese conservationists. The operation here seems determined to succeed despite many holdbacks in the past. The tenacious staff of some 100 guards and birdkeepers continues often under very difficult conditions caused in the main by under-funding.
Without doubt, once a viable and secure plan is in place the survival plan stands a much better chance of success. At present these are only words and the continuing survival of the Bali Starling in the wild continues to look bleak. Action is required now before it is too late.

Anyone willing to collaborate in this valuable enterprise should contact Bob Seibels at Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens, (P.O. Box 1060, Columbia, SC 29202) or by e-mail to bseibels@riverbanks.org.

Financial contributions, which are desperately needed, can be made either through Bob Seibels (C/O The Bali Mynah Species Survival Plan at the above address) or to The Bali Starling Foundation, Taman Burung, Singapadu, Gianyar, Bali, Republic of Indonesia.
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