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New Discoveries on Biak

Biak, like much of the region of Papua, Indonesia, is relatively undiscovered as far as its flora and fauna are concerned. It is almost certain that a detailed study would reveal new species of wildlife previously unknown to man.

In the latter half of 2000 a local young self-taught naturalist, Marthinus Kapisa brought a new species of frog to the attention of herpetologists in Germany. This tiny little frog is only 20mm long and is now known as Oreophryne kapisa. It lives in the crowns of Ficus plants. This discovery is referred to by Rainer Günther in Zoologische Abhandlungen, ISSN 0375-5231, (Dresden) 10.12.2003 pp. 53:65-85. If you are interested in learning more of this discovery you can contact Marthinus Kapisa by e-mail at “Marthinus Kapisa” <marthinuskapisa@yahoo.com>

On his first visit to Biak in October 2004, Tony Tilford photographed a previously unrecorded species of fantail, so far not positively identified. Although very similar to a Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica) the range of this species does not reach Biak. The other two possible fantails recorded for Biak are Friendly and Northern Fantails but the appearance of these two is far removed from the photographed bird. What could it be?

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