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Personal Note
Since childhood I have had a passion for wildlife, gaining great pleasure and enjoyment from the natural environment. Much of my spare time has been devoted to the study and photography of birds and other animals, on which I have written and contributed to many books and publications. Along the way I have accumulated a huge collection of colour photographs.

As a professional electrical and electronic engineer, I have worked in both industry and education. My interest in wildlife combined with an engineering background has found a natural expression in my third passion, technical wildlife photography. My first challenge during the 1980’s was to construct equipment needed to detect and freeze rapid movement such as the wings of birds and insects in flight.
This excursion into High-speed Pictorial Photography culminated in some extraordinarily beautiful pictures, like the English Robin and Barn Swallow in Flight.

Eventually the subjects changed to scientific phenomena and the manufacture of the Prestoflash High Speed Photo-flash Systems for industrial and scientific use. This equipment has been very successful in its uses particularly in advertising photography as well as in research applications.

I am at present spending much of my time doing what I like best - studying and photographing wildlife in its natural habitat. This interest has latterly taken me South-east Asia in particular to Indonesia and especially to the remoter and less visited islands of Papua.

My lifelong friendship with the outstanding naturalist, John Goldsmith has been responsible for my deep involvement in the study and practical conservation of bats, working closely with The Norfolk Bat Group. For many years John worked for local government as a natural historian and more recently set up one of the UK's leading Biological Records Centres in Norfolk. He has at last decided that his vast knowledge of British and European natural history would be put to better use and valued greater by becoming an independent consultant on ecological and wildlife matters for the east of England. He can be contacted at AURUM ECOLOGY ( http://www.aurum-ecology.co.uk)
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