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TC Nature
John Cooke & Tony Tilford photographing wine pours in California, click to enlargeThe partnership of Tony Tilford and John Cooke, operating as TC Nature, was formed to combine their biological, photographic and engineering talents to create outstanding images of the natural world. Our expertise extends over a wide range of techniques but particularly in bird photography, close-up (macro) photography and high-speed (stop-action) photography.

We also have a long association with Indonesia, particularly the island of Bali, where we are actively involved in wildlife conservation.

John Cooke under his company name, Hidden Worlds of Berkeley, California, USA, accompanies small groups to explore the Past in Bali. He is also a zoologist, photographer, film maker and writer and has been visiting Bali for many years, often spending several months there at a time. He has particular interests in Balinese wildlife, archaeology and history, activities that often take him into little-known parts of the island.

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Tony Tilford in England:
E-mail: tony@tonytilford.co.uk

John Cooke in the United States:
E-mail: arachne@foothill.net

John Cooke’s Hidden Worlds Website:

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