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publications of tony tilford
The World of Hummingbirds

Publisher: Gramercy Books, New York
ISBN No: 0 517 16170 2
First Published: 2000

This attractive book is a comprehensive guide to the wonderful world of Hummingbirds. Written by Tony Tilford who has researched and photographed hummingbirds for many years it features amazing pictures from the collections of some of the world’s foremost hummingbird photographers. It discusses hummingbirds’ extraordinary biology, their breeding and life-cycles, and even suggests how hummingbirds might be attracted into your yard / garden if you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where they can be found. Together with a full-colour gallery of hummingbirds that gives details and a listing of hummingbird websites, The World of Hummingbirds is a richly illustrated book that is as fascinating as it is beautiful.
Eyewitness Travel Guide to Bali & Lombok

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd, London
ISBN No: 0 7513 0892 7
First Published: 2001

Just one of a series of highly-illustrated guidebooks to the popular tourist destinations of the world. The Eyewitness Guide to Bali and Lombok is written and illustrated by experts who have intimate knowledge of the local history, geography, culture and travellers’ needs. Very easy to read and use, it is a treasure trove of information that will help all travellers to the region explore and survive in what may be to them a strange environment

Guidebook to Bali Bird Park

Publisher: The Bali Bird Park, Indonesia
Guidebook designed by Archipelago Press, Singapore
First Published: 2000

A profusely illustrated and high quality guidebook reflecting the vision of its founder Edi Swaboda. Set out in the same order the path through the park describes, you are led through the maze of beautifully constructed aviaries and the tastefully planted areas more reminiscent of a botanical garden. The photography is by Tony Tilford and his long-term friend John Cooke.

The Restless Kingdom

Publisher: Facts On File, New York
ISBN No: 0 8160 1205 9
First Published: 1991

Richly illustrated with spectacular colour photographs and line drawings, many taken by Tony Tilford, the grace and agility of animals in motion on land, in the sea and in the air. Scientifically precise yet highly readable, the text details all types of animal movement.More than a catalogue of locomotive techniques, The Restless Kingdom also explores the influence of natural selection and reveals how each type of movement assists the animal in its struggle for survival.
Turtles & Tortoises of the World

Publisher: Facts On File, New York
ISBN No: 0-8160-5215-8
Published: 2002

The majority of photographs in this book were taken by Tony Tilford.
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